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Activate high-performance leadership and teamwork

Assessments, micro-learning, and consulting solutions to drive your success.

Level up your team or organization in one area or all.

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Insights Assessments, Coetic's Nudges, and Consulting services

  • Emphasize Meaning and Purpose — Why work matters and what matters most Now
  • Connect and Align teams and team members — in strategy execution and change engagement
  • Move teams forward together in pursuit of your organization's inspiring mission
  • Develop capabilities of leaders, teams, and individuals for self-awareness and high-performance

A Word from Our Clients

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About Insights

The latest in organizational science and metrics distilled into action-oriented team and individual assessments.

With Coetic's Insights Assessments, leaders, teams, and team members identify results-focused strengths and gaps to plan adaptive moves toward the next levels of organizational effectiveness.

Our Assessments

Choose from Coetic's library of performance-predicting assessments.

Insights Leadership Assessments

  • A comprehensive leadership assessment that interrelates the competencies, styles, and blind spot self-awareness that leaders need to be effective
  • OR 9 outcome-targeted assessments that measure the impact of your intended leadership outcomes

Insights Team Assessments

  • Receive a comprehensive report that provides insights across multiple people's results of an assessment of your choice

Custom Assessments

Specific measures and insights to align with your aspirations.

Partner with Coetic's experts to create an assessment specially made to help your leaders, teams, and organization set and reach meaningful goals.

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About Nudges

A quick interactive system of bite-sized prompts for values-aligned team habits.

The difference between a good team and a great team often lives in the small things. Simple actions taken or not taken make a huge difference.

Coetic's Nudge Tracks deliver weekly prompts to promote positive micro-actions across your team or organization. What will you Nudge?

Our Tracks

Determine which Coetic Nudge Tracks will bring the most meaning for your team or organization's current needs.

Discover the Library of Coetic Nudges for…

  • Leader Development
  • High-Performing Team Actions
  • Mission Alignment & Core Values
  • and more to come soon!

Custom Tracks

Specific prompts to drive meaningful action aligned with your aspirations.

Partner with Coetic's experts to create a Nudge Track specially made to help your organization, leaders, and teams turn ideas and habits into meaningful action.

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Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Strategy Facilitation

Our strategic planning approach emphasizes purpose and meaning, innovation, collaboration and inclusion, commitment to impact, execution readiness, and actionable metrics.

Organizational Development & Change Engagement

Through consultation and interactive worksessions, we evolve culture dynamics and system leadership practices to support teams working together towards the results that matter most. We help leaders empower teams and people — we guide collaborative decision processes, build consensus, and leverage upcoming changes to engage team members more deeply in vision, mission, and values.

Purposeful Workspaces

Our process guides leaders to an intentional work environment strategy and culture — office, home, or hybrid — linked to vision, mission, values, and accomplishing meaningful work together.