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Activate high-performance leadership and teamwork

Assessments, online teamwork tools, micro-learning, and consulting solutions to drive your success.

Coetic's Leadership Software Solutions and Organizational Effectiveness Services equip High Performing Teams to:

  • Emphasize Meaning and Purpose — Why work matters and what matters most Now

  • Connect and Align teams and team members — in strategy execution and change engagement

  • Move forward together in pursuit of your organization's inspiring mission

  • Develop capabilities of leaders, teams, and individuals for self-awareness and high-performance

“Huge shout out to Karen for your facilitation abilities and continuing to challenge this group as we work to our end goal. I appreciate how you ask questions that try to get us thinking at a deeper level where the real discovery can occur. It's exciting to be at this point and to have input from 3 very different methods to incorporate into our next steps.”

Tammy Hannah

President & CEO at Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Technology-Enabled Leadership Solutions

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The latest in organizational science and metrics distilled into action-oriented team and individual assessments.

With Coetic's Insights Assessments, leaders, teams, and team members identify results-focused strengths and gaps to plan adaptive moves toward the next levels of organizational effectiveness.

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A software platform that equips any team to become a high-performing team.

Coetic's High-Performance Work Platform, Woether, makes it easy for people to align, connect, and move toward a shared purpose. Woether delivers a kit of integrated tools that fit specific team needs, reduce friction, and shape effective High-Performing Teams.

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Core Values Sort

A team assessment that generates high-impact dialogue about shared core values.

Coetic's Core Values Sort brings the core values that drive decisions into focus to keep everyone centered on what matters most. Create a data-driven conversation about current or desired values with the whole team to build an enduring values foundation.

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A quick interactive system of bite-sized prompts for values-aligned team habits.

The difference between a good team and a great team often lives in the small things. Simple actions taken or not taken make a huge difference. Coetic's Nudge tracks deliver weekly prompts to build positive micro-habits across your team or organization. What will you Nudge?

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

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Purposeful Workspaces

A consulting partnership to shape how we use workspaces for meaningful work.

We'll help your team understand what Winston Churchill meant when he said, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." We're not workspace designers - we're a partner to leadership teams who want values-centered and culture-evolving spaces. Our participative process helps your team shape Purposeful Workspaces and work-from-home solutions where people connect, collaborate, and accomplish a shared mission together.

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Strategy Facilitation

A consulting partnership to create and execute effective strategies.

The value of a strong strategy is unquestionable. We believe that strategy is an active organizational capability that teams often stifle with a static “strategic plan” rather than continually listening, scanning, and sensing shifts in customer needs and circumstances. Coetic facilitates participative, thought-provoking dialogue that starts with expansive outward possibilities and moves teams to decisive, realistic, aimed agreements in a shared direction. We craft high-involvement team approaches that invite the best thinking of many (and even all) team members.

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Organizational Development

A consulting partnership to evolve culture dynamics and system leadership.

It's more fulfilling to lead and be part of an organization that is flourishing. But human dynamics and ever-changing markets challenge leaders and teams to grow, respond, adapt, and evolve. As a partner, we help clients understand their organization as a living system of people and teams, culture and practices, tensions and patterns. Working at the system level, we consider where evolution is needed, fit approaches to the team's characteristics and culture, and design adaptive moves to shift energy in new directions. We work with teams to identify meaningful outcomes, engage people, embrace change, and enhance networks of relationships.

The Science Behind Meaningful Work

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People Science

Coetic's foundational knowledge base distilled into People Science Briefs and blog posts.

Peek into our knowledge base of research, insights, and best practices. Learn the science behind meaningful work and organizational success.