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Benefits of having Coetic at your side


Be Special Doing What You Do

Stand out with a compelling purpose that excites talented people to join and stay on your team.

Be known by customers and partners for your team’s coordinated dedication to meaningful results and relationships.


Use Tools That Fit You

We’re small too. Small to mid-sized organizations work differently.

Skip the cumbersome, convoluted tools in favor of action packed tools that move you forward now.

Designed for any team or organization smaller than 800 people.


Reduce People Angst

More energy on mission and strategy, less time distracted by the challenges of working together.

Amp up joy. What if everyone on your team looked forward to working together each day?


Make Happy Customers

Excellent teams deliver remarkable customer experiences.

Establish a virtuous circle. Attracting great customers feeds your team’s passion.

Start your guided journey to more meaningful, high-impact leadership.

  • Do one thing each week to make your team or organization great.
  • Share successes & ideas with peers who care as much as you do.

Built for: Owners/Execs, Directors/Leaders, Managers/Team Leads, HR Professionals.

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ToolKits to keep your people strategy Purposeful.


(On Your Coetic Dashboard)
Coetic Core Values Tool Strategic HR

Core Values Tool

Clarify what drives you and your team.
Coetic Change Map Tool Strategic HR

Change Map Tool

Where are you now? What’s your desired future?
Coetic People Science Strategic HR

People Science

Learn & Influence
We’re adding to the collection!
Coetic Sounding Board Strategic HR

Sounding Board

Bounce ideas. Get input. Share.


Coetic WorkWeek Nudges

WorkWeek Nudges™

Do one great people practice every week for awesome results.
Coetic Mission Rater Strategic HR

Mission Rater Tool

How well are you communicating your compelling purpose?
Coetic Communication Whiteboard Tool Strategic HR

Communication WhiteBoard

Simple, effective communication for your organization or team.

The Coetic Difference

Built by organizational change experts

Doable within the realities of your work day

High value without the “consultant” pricetag

With you however you need us


We energize organizations to be great places to do meaningful work together. Our Strategic HR ToolKits make strong people practices smooth and effective.

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