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Our Library of Assessments

Browse Coetic's Library of outcome-targeted and action-oriented assessments built with the flexibility to sustain a variety of individual, team, and organizational objectives.

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Types of Assessments

No two teams or organization's goals are ever the same. Choose from Coetic's library of assessments to find the right fit for you:

  • Individual assessments to promote professional growth.
  • Group assessments to assess similarities, complementarities, and gaps across team members.
  • Pulse assessments to visualize trends over time.

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Individual Assessments

Reflect on individual values, beliefs and capabilities to identify areas of strength and growth opportunities. Our individual assessments promote personal opportunities to identify the best starting point for people to create a path toward their goals.

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Group Assessments

Take assessments to the next level by engaging in a group assessment. Receive a single comprehensive report that compares dimensions and scores of individual assessments taken across the team. Get insights into whole team dynamics. Our group assessments promote shared goal pursuit and provide opportunities to identify overlaps and gaps to create a well-rounded team working together toward a collective outcome.

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Pulse Assessments

Highlight trends over time and identify where to focus energy to reinforce core culture and value elements. Our quick, pulse assessments allow you to see patterns and changes using meaningful, targeted questions.

What Do We Measure?

Great Outcomes through Great Leadership

Coetic's outcome-focused assessments equip leaders at all levels to achieve personal, team, and organizational goals.

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Our assessments focus on the leadership competencies, styles, and blind spots that have the greatest impact on what leaders work to accomplish.

Choose Your Outcomes

With each assessment, you'll learn how well you demonstrate the key ingredients for effective leadership


Insights Leadership Assessment - leadership in the 10 key leadership tasks that any leader does.

Leadership Insights Index: People Leadership

Build High-Performing Teams - Aligning people into high-performing teams ready to achieve meaningful goals.

Develop Team Members - Growing high-performing team members rich in knowledge, skill, and effectiveness.

Collaborate and Partner - Advising teams, growing networks of relationships, and aligning people around shared purpose.

Communicate Effectively - Sharing and distilling messages to support alignment and collaboration, and to inspire people to pursue organizational goals.

Leadership Insights Index: Strategic Leadership

Set Strategy - Setting priorities and direction for organizational success.

Shape and Share Knowledge - Knowledge leadership—sparking teams to gather, analyze, distill, and share information and intelligence to advance organizational strategies and goals.

Gather Resources - Acquiring and allocating resources to deliver high-quality performance and results.

Execute Strategy - Empowering teams to successfully execute strategy to achieve meaningful goals.

Assess Effectiveness - Monitoring feedback loops, creating guardrails for team and organizational performance, and ensuring teams remain on course for success.

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