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Interact with a variety of evidence-backed weekly challenges that coordinate energy and accomplish goals.

Get on the Right Track

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Nudges are social

Coetic's Nudges creates a physical space for a more connected experience across team members. Science shows shared ideas, obstacles, and success have a positive impact on the development of positive actions and habits and strengthens success.

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Nudges focuses on impact and outcomes

Each nudge track provides a series of nudges to promote positive practice and change over time. Each track has a clear goal to keep the focus on taking action and evolving success over time for what matters most to individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Nudges are backed by science

Each nudge presents evidence-based actions and ideas based on decades of people science research. Tap into the theories behind MicroLearning, Tiny Habits, Implementation Intentions and more to align workplace values, engage your team, and achieve stronger outcomes.

With Coetic Nudges...

Create and Align Workplace Values

When people perceive a match between their personal values and their organization's values, they believe they are a good fit for the organization (Edwards & Cable, 2009).

Engage Your Team

Engaged Individuals are:

  • More likely to hold favorable job attitudes, like higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
  • More likely to foster positive customer interactions and customer satisfaction. (Bakker, Demerouti, & Sanz-Vergel, 2014; Saks, 2006).

Achieve Stronger Outcomes

Team building interventions have the greatest impact on team affective outcomes (emotional experiences) such as team trust, or team efficacy and process outcomes like coordination and communication (Klein et al., 2009).

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Types of Nudge Tracks

Each Nudge Track is curated for a specific, targeted outcome while still maintaining a level of flexibility to be used in a variety of situations and settings.

The flexibility of Nudges and the variety of different tracks can help your team get ahead in a variety of settings and situations in a more cost-effective and less time-consuming manner.

Invest in Leaders and Individuals

  • Promote effectiveness and well-being by giving individuals the space to share thoughts and ideas freely.
  • Encourage proactivity on personal contributions with prompts that drive growth, development, and success.

Develop High-Performing Teams

  • Form stronger interpersonal connections among team members through conversations and idea sharing.
  • Increase feelings of psychological safety on your team by curating an environment of transparency and trust.

Align Your Organization

  • Foster higher levels of engagement in your organization with shared conversation and action prompts.
  • Strengthen commitment to organizational goals with ideas that align to your mission, vision, and values.

Choose Your Outcomes

With each assessment, you'll learn how well you demonstrate the key ingredients for effective leadership


Insights Leadership Assessment - leadership in the 10 key leadership tasks that any leader does.

Leadership Nudges Index: People Leadership

Build High-Performing Teams - Boost team excellence. Empower productive team dynamics, deep collaboration, and shared commitment to meaningful accomplishments.

Develop Team Members - Inspire professional growth. Improve team dynamics and expectations surrounding member autonomy, growth, learning, and development.

Develop Self - Grow self-directed learning. Empower and motivate people to grow their self-awareness, professional effectiveness, and versatility.

Collaborate and Partner - Connect to combine forces. Leverage the power of relationships and working together to deliver greater and more robust accomplishments.

Communicate Effectively - Lead with language. Harness the power of words, questions, compelling messages, tone, and inspiring visuals to engage people and teams.

Leadership Nudges Index: Strategic Leadership

Set Strategy - Create clearer roadmaps for success. Grow strategic decisiveness to identify crucial performance factors and leverage the power of choice and focus.

Shape and Share Knowledge - Expand your knowledge economy. Pull from strategy-relevant information sources to grow and refine team and organizational capabilities to strengthen competitive edge.

Gather Resources - Match inputs and outputs. Identify key resources and make compelling business cases to persuade stakeholders to equip teams for success. Balance and streamline resource demands.

Execute Strategy - Put strategy in motion. Build aligned forward momentum to achieve organizational goals and vision.

Assess Effectiveness - Emphasize impact. Drive improvement and innovation by focusing on outcome quality and accomplishing work in the best possible way.

Coming Soon! Dimension-Focused Tracks

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Dimension-Focused Tracks, choose a track based on a specific competency, style, or blindspot to build on current strengths or target areas for growth.

Other Nudge Tracks for specific organizational and team goals such as…

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Consider our Custom Nudge Tracks. Partner with a Coetic expert to create a track that's made just for your team and organization. Establish and invest in what matters most to you.

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