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Insights: Custom Assessments

Create Leadership Assessments Perfectly Aligned with Values & Goals

Cultivate leaders for YOUR organization, develop critical capabilities, and elevate impact.

Why Custom Assessments

Coetic Assessments

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Insights + Action

Coetic Custom Assessments

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Aligned Insights + Action

When assessments reflect your values, your culture, and your leadership philosophy:

  • You convey how to succeed as a leader in your organization.
  • Leaders can immediately act on assessment results in ways that fit.
  • Individual leader efforts knit together to yield collective impact.
  • Leadership teams can track development with clear benchmarks.
  • You reinforce a shared leadership culture and language among leaders.

Our Areas of Expertise

We're passionate about building assessments that tightly couple with your organization's leadership values, culture, and philosophy. With decades of experience crafting high-stakes assessments for a variety of industries, Fortune 500 companies, religious and non-profit organizations, and government agencies, we're excited to build your custom assessment in areas such as:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Leadership Team Effectiveness.
  • Succession Planning.
  • 360 Leadership Evaluation.
  • Identifying High-Potential Leaders.
  • Leader Hiring and Promotion Decisions.

Contact Us to explore how our Custom Assessments can add value for your team or organization.