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Take your Coetic Insights Assessments and Nudge Tracks to the next level with the help of a consulting partnership.

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Coetic's Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Experts work hand-in-hand with leaders to create lasting solutions for meaningful work.

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In conjunction with your consulting relationship, use specific Nudge Tracks to…

  • Reinforce success for a specific project, program, or initiative
  • Strengthen culture & employee experience
  • Harvest positive stories to celebrate wins
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In conjunction with your consulting relationship, use your Insights results to…

  • Activate strategic next moves
  • Receive coaching and consultation services for individuals and leadership teams

Our Specialties

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Strategy Facilitation

The value of a strong strategy is unquestionable. We believe that strategy is an active organizational capability that teams often stifle with a static “strategic plan” rather than continually listening, scanning, and sensing shifts in customer needs and circumstances.

Coetic facilitates participative, thought-provoking dialogue that starts with expansive outward possibilities and moves teams to decisive, realistic, aimed agreements in a shared direction. We craft high-involvement team approaches that invite the best thinking of many (and even all) team members.

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Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

It's more fulfilling to lead and be part of an organization that is flourishing. But human dynamics and ever-changing markets challenge leaders and teams to grow, respond, adapt, and evolve.

As a partner, we help clients understand their organization as a living system of people and teams, culture and practices, tensions and patterns.

Working at the system level, we consider where evolution is needed, fit approaches to the team's characteristics and culture, and design adaptive moves to shift energy in new directions. We work with teams to identify meaningful outcomes, engage people, embrace change, and enhance networks of relationships.

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Purposeful Workspaces

We're not workspace designers - we're a partner to leadership teams who want to take a values-centered and culture-evolving view of how team members interact in physical and virtual spaces.

Our participative process helps your team shape Purposeful Workspaces, work-from-home, and hybrid solutions where people connect, collaborate, and accomplish a shared mission together.

We'll help your team understand what Winston Churchill meant when he said, "We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

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