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Shared Micro-Actions for Leader, Team, & Organizational Effectiveness

Make big impacts with micro-actions. Coordinate energy for greater collective outcomes and move busy people, teams, and organizations forward.

What's a Nudge?

A quick, encouraging prompt for team members to grow professionally, experiment with new behaviors, and align with specific organizational aspirations. Coetic's Nudges…

  • Turn goals into collective action
  • Engage people in bite size change
  • Uphold values in performance
  • Generate momentum and insights

With Nudges you'll see an increase in organizational effectiveness, higher functioning teams, and a rise in individual growth and success.

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Connect to Insights

In conjunction with your Nudge Track, use your Insights Results to…

  • Take a comprehensive look at where your team is in alignment with current goals and desired outcomes
  • Get a list of outcome-targeted actions to further goals and development
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Connect to Coetic Consulting

In conjunction with your Nudge Track, engage in a Consulting Relationship to…

  • Facilitate further alignment on how to accomplish what matters most
  • Empower teams and boost collective action with personalized coaching
  • Engage and empower teams through times of change

Nudge Teams Forward

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Choose Nudge Tracks to Advance Meaningful Goals

Nudges move in outcome-focused tracks. Together, the Nudges in a Track build specific competencies and create important results.

Each week team members receive a Nudge prompt via email. Team members interact and share ideas to move together on a shared action journey.

Nudge Tracks vary in length depending on the area of focus or development.

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Launch Weekly Nudges

Nudges prompt bite-sized positive practices each week. By emphasizing small, weekly reflections, Nudges support teams in retaining tiny habits to carry forward.

Each Nudge has five components to encourage learning, effectiveness and inspired action:

  • Headline sparks curiosity and suggests a path
  • How to Do It starts movement and guides mindset
  • Why It Matters spotlights value and highlights impact
  • Inspiration adds perspective and energizes action
  • Reflection punctuates outcomes and encourages sharing

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Share Ideas & Experiences

Nudges are a social experience — shared ideas, perspectives, and experiences amplify the value of moving through a track toward a specific goal.

Each Nudge provides opportunities to connect with team members, peers, mentors, etc. to share conversations beyond the screen.

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Drive Better Outcomes with Nudges

With Coetic's support, internal Nudge Guides lead the way by browsing comments to “get the vibe” in real time, analyzing comment themes, encouraging what's working, redirecting what could be even better, and leveraging new possibilities.

With our friendly Nudges admin dashboard, internal Nudge Track leaders easily add Tracks, invite people and teams to join Tracks, and assess engagement rates.

Find the plan that's right for you

Our flexible packages meet you where you're at.


Purchase any available Nudge Track(s), right when you need them.

Enjoy full access to our Nudges Portal to choose Nudge Tracks to promote habits and outcomes relevant to your current goals.


With a monthly subscription, get unlimited use of Nudge Tracks and Insights Assessments.

Invest in outcome-targeted career and team development to meet multiple needs.

Platinum Subscription

Add custom services and coaching to the perks of our standard subscription package.

Deepen impact with support from our Organizational Effectiveness team for advanced data analytics, custom program planning and design, and tailored advice for development and action opportunities from your Nudges and Insights engagement.

What would you like to Nudge?