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Persistent meaningful actions make your organization a place people love to work.

How it Works

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When to Use Nudges

When to Use Coetic’s WorkWeek Nudges™

Use Coetic’s WorkWeek Nudges™ as a unique & fun leadership development opportunity, to mobilize a team of leaders/managers, or to deepen your HR impact.

Stay inspired and committed to actions & habits that matter with Coetic’s WorkWeek Nudges™.

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What’s a Nudge?

A nudge is an encouraging prompt. Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™ remind you to fold strong people leadership actions and conversations into each week.

Some nudges will reinforce your natural leadership strengths. Other nudges will help you try out new leadership moves and build new habits.

Coetic Core Values Tool
Coetic Core Values Tool

What Will I Build with Nudges?

Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™ focus on 12 Must-Haves for a strong organization…

  • Purpose & Meaning, Leadership, and Management
  • Teamwork, Coordination & Communication, and Commitment
  • Engaging Jobs, Fairness, and Professionalism
  • Trust & Autonomy, Psychological Safety, and Resources

Nudges Work, Because They’re One Step at a Time

WorkWeek Nudges™ are quick to complete (some nudges take less than 5 minutes!). Squeeze a nudge into your week, enjoy the impact you’re having, and look forward to the next week.

Coetic Core Values Tool

“As a leader every action has a consequence. Make sure it is the one you intend.”

Katherine Bryant


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