Our Story

Coetic works with one purpose in mind – growing more effective organizations where people align with shared ideas, beliefs, values, and a mission to accomplish meaningful work together.

We love rolling up our sleeves in consulting partnerships to spark insights and illuminate opportunities. Unfortunately, there are not enough consulting hours in a millennium to accomplish our vision. Our world needs strong people practices and thriving organizations now.

The world of organizational development and effectiveness has been lagging when it comes to leveraging technology to make organizations better. Until now.
We love innovating and delivering evidence-based practices for organizational effectiveness via values, mission, and culture-building software solutions.

We’re proud to offer leaders a range of options to improve organizational effectiveness – from classic conversation to high-tech systems that operate with people at the core.

We’re excited to see the world we imagine take shape in your organization, and passionate about where technology-supported organizational effectiveness can go next.

With appreciation for all of the leaders who invite us to make work matter,

Karen and Rick DeShon