Strong Mission Statement

You know a strong mission statement matters. But it’s a tough job to boil down the essence of the work your organization does. Coetic’s Mission Rater Tool is a great resource to help your team get to a strong mission statement and more. Here’s a quick list of the needs we support with the Mission Rater, and some tips on what to do once feedback is in hand.

7 Ways to Use the Mission Rater for a Strong Mission Statement

  1. Evaluate your current mission, purpose, core values.
  2. Test ideas for how you’ll communicate your vision for an important initiative.
  3. Compare your mission with your marketing materials.
  4. Find opportunities to improve branding messages.
  5. Re-examine your purpose as you expand to new product or service lines.
  6. Remind your team how important it is to commit time and attention to mission.
  7. See whether you’re communicating your core values the way you hope to.

7 Great Post Mission Rater Discussions for a Strong Mission Statement

  1. Is the purpose we’re communicating the purpose we WANT to communicate?
  2. Does the purpose we’re communicating align with our strategy?
  3. Is the way we state our purpose still relevant, and is it going to be relevant in 5 years?
  4. Are we (as leaders) living our mission?
  5. What ratings of our mission statement are we proudest of?
  6. From the mission statement ratings, what insights did we learn that could benefit us?
  7. Which rating dimension feels like it matters most to our success right now?

Comment Below: What does your stated purpose, mission, vision, or core values bring to your team or organization?

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