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When you want a great plan to do great people strategy with the time you have.

Step 1: Create a free Coetic Dashboard

It’s easy to get started — input some basic information and you’re in your free Coetic Dashboard, with instant access to Coetic’s strategic HR resources. When you sign up, look for the magic wand question — we love learning what you’d like to transform for your team or organization. This step couldn’t be simpler; it’s like an apple falling out of a tree!


Step 2: Explore Free Tools

Right away, you’ll be able to use your free tools. Just a little more effort in this step – walk over to the tree and pick a low-hanging fruit! We’ve packed these Strategic HR tools with ideas to inspire — or let your creativity be your guide. The freebies are tools and resources you’ll come back to again and again to support your goals.

Which exclamation means most to you right now?

Coetic Core Values Tool

Core Values – It’s time for my team or organization to remind ourselves what really matters!

Coetic Change Map Tool
Change Map – My team or organization is headed in a new direction and we all need to be moving!
Coetic People Science Briefs
People Science – I’d love to read up and take well-informed action for my team or organization!
Coetic Sounding Board
Sounding Board – I’ve got a question or idea and I’d love some insights and inspiration to help me shape it!

Step 3: Put some Pocket Change toward Greatness

Your Coetic Dashboard also opens the door to some awesome tools you can plug right into your Strategic HR projects. Think of this step as making the effort to stand on your tiptoes to grab that big juicy just-right apple over your head! Wow your team or organization with these value-packed tools.


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