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The science of high performing teams and organizations

The internet serves up a never-ending stream of advice on how to build great teams and organizations. Most of this advice is just noise — opinions, anecdotes, or “experience” developed to sell a product or service. As a busy owner, leader, manager, or HR professional, you don’t need sales pitches or a research project. You need clear information on the best actions to take to make your organization or team better — People Science.

We provide Coetic People Science Briefs to give you a quick summary of what’s real.

  • Discover Insights Quickly. In the time it takes to read a few sentences, know what researchers can offer to help you shape or lead an effective organization. Want to dive deeper? For every point, we cite the research sources that provide supporting evidence.
  • Benefit from Collective Wisdom. Find out what holds up across multiple experts – we scan and digest diverse sources and new findings for you.
  • Prepare for Action. Grab the actionable take-aways you can put in motion now. Don’t bog down reading “about” a topic when you want clear guidance. Spend your time making an impact on your team or organization.

Not sure how to put all of these great insights to use? Evidence-based approaches are embedded into WorkWeek Nudges™ and every Coetic Tool and ToolKit we build. Want more hands-on help? Contact us for a free consultation.


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