People Metrics (employee metrics)

Want to make sure your people metrics are meaningful? Don’t fall into the trap of viewing the fact that questions got asked and got answered as the accomplishment. Be creative and focused. Know why you’re asking questions. Consider when you’re asking questions. Plan how gathering answers to questions will improve your team or organization.

Here are some sparks for using Coetic’s People Metrics Tool to immediately impact how people are working together in your team or organization. Most of all, enjoy sparking meaningful conversation about working together!

People Metrics with Teams

  1. Help high-performing teams understand what contributes to their success
  2. Give struggling teams insight into factors feeding confusion or stagnation
  3. Show project teams how they’re developing over time
  4. Across teams, discover where teams are excelling and where a team-building boost will improve experiences
  5. During Performance Chats, discuss how individuals can best impact and enjoy team performance

People Metrics with Leaders and Managers

  1. Have leaders and managers respond alongside everyone else to reinforce team belonging
  2. Ask leaders and managers to reflect on their experiences as leaders working together
  3. Give leaders and managers a chance to predict how your team or organization will respond. Then show actual results. Where were the predictions right? Where are the surprises?

People Metrics with Your Whole Organization

  1. Invite people to respond to weekly/biweekly/monthly “pulses”
  2. Watch closely over time, what’s going up, staying flat, or going down?
  3. Compare your results to Coetic benchmark results. See where you’re ahead of the pack, keeping pace, or falling behind.
  4. Plan before and after employee metrics around a significant change
  5. Time surveys to have fresh results ready for discussion at an “All-Hands” Meeting
  6. Take stock of where change will be appreciated vs where current practices are great
  7. With results in hand, ask “what would it take to raise this particular rating to the next level?”

Comment Below: How are you using employee metrics in creative ways with your team or organization?

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