Mission Statements Drive Purpose

Mission Statements drive purpose. Every organization exists to fulfill a purpose. Research tells us that a clear mission statement is a must.

Updated 10/15/2017

As a strategic tool, mission statements drive purpose.

Mission statements communicate the core identity of an organization to current employees, prospective employees, current and prospective customers, and the general public.

Hear an example of capturing WHY in a mission statement:

Make sure your mission presents a compelling challenge.

Mission statements drive purpose best when they capture a compelling challenge. Satisfaction with the stated mission influences overall business performance and whether the mission is achieved.

Strong mission statements link to financial performance.

Mission statements – especially those that focus on values, purpose, and distinctiveness – positively impact a business’s financial performance. Research evidence shows impact on: profit margin, stock market return, earnings per share, and return on investment.

Want innovation? Put it in your mission.

Mission statements drive purpose beyond the day-to-day. Mission statements directly impact an organization’s innovation behaviors and practices.

Mission statements influence job applicants.

Authentic mission statements attract people who fit your company’s values and personality. Good fit decreases turnover.

People love and keep jobs in mission-driven organizations.

People who are satisfied with and committed to their company’s mission:

      • are more satisfied with their jobs overall
      • are less likely to leave their company

People thrive on purpose, especially when we’re able to translate from a collective purpose to our unique individual contribution:

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