A strongly stated purpose reduces confusion, saves time, and focuses energy.

The Coetic Mission Rater evaluates mission statement strength. How well is your organization articulating a unique, compelling purpose through your stated mission, vision, and core values?

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59% of employees say they don’t know what their company stands for, or what makes it unique.

Ummm…That doesn’t sound like mission statement strength.

How it Works

Enter your mission, vision, core values into the Coetic Mission Rater.

Receive Coetic insights about mission statement strength.

Use the insights with your team to improve your mission focus!

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When to use the Coetic Mission Rater

Use the Coetic Mission Rater to evaluate your mission statement strength. The Mission Rater can handle your current purpose statements (mission, vision, and/or core values), your branding message, or your vision statement for an important initiative.

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Does mission statement strength really matter?

Yes. Mission, vision, purpose, and values convey your organization’s direction and identity.

Clearly defined and well-communicated purpose statements shape your organization’s culture and show a path to success.

Learn what the research shows about mission statements: Mission Statements Drive Purpose: People Science Brief

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Mission statements are a strategic tool

When leaders live the mission in daily business, clearly articulate purpose to the whole team, and infuse values into workplace processes, it’s a good thing for the inner workings of the organization!

But first, you have to have a mission statement worth putting in action.

Mission statements and business performance

Companies with high quality mission statements perform better and are more profitable. That research finding holds up across industries.

Find out if your mission statement is setting you up for great results.

Mission Statement Strength Results
Coetic Engaged Employees

Strong Mission Statements and People

A shared purpose statement that unifies decisions and actions drives employee engagement.

Another good reason to make sure you’ve got mission statement strength!

More insights and strategies to infuse purpose in your organization: Coetic Mission & Purpose Blogs


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