We energize organizations
to be great places to do meaningful work.

Inspire people. Develop excellent teams. Accomplish meaningful work. Create the organization
of your dreams.

Everyone knows a business is only as good as its people. Yet, people are people and working together isn’t always easy. We create WorkWeek Nudges™ and Strategic HR ToolKits to help you create a great place to do meaningful work.

Our customers are Business Owners, Executives, Directors, Managers, Team Leads, and HR Professionals who believe in the importance of pursuing a compelling purpose with an energized and aligned team. These leaders are seeking smart, human ways to create an environment that supports team members who work to make the organization’s vision a reality.



You’re the driver. We provide everything you need for an awesome people strategy journey plus a coach when you need one.

WorkWeek Nudges

WorkWeek Nudges™

Take on high-impact habits and actions that boost culture, capabilities, and communication to give you a better team to stand in front of. Improve your impact and consistency in just moments a week.



When you need to go farther faster. We add capacity and expertise to accelerate your journey.

Our Story


Co + Etic. “Co” captures together, and at the same time company. “Etic” has roots in anthropology and social/behavioral sciences, referencing viewpoints from outside. We help organization members step back together and see their organization from the outside to make meaningful changes within.


Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™, ToolKits, and Consulting engagements are created, supported, and regularly updated by a team of organizational psychologists. Our team focuses on the special challenges and opportunities of small to midsized organizations.  Organizational psychology, or work psychology, is the social science field that examines how people who lead organizations can shape structures, cultures, and employment interactions that bring out the best in collective human endeavors. 

Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™ and ToolKits started with a vision – what if busy leaders and HR professionals in every organization could quickly and affordably access exactly what they need to build a vital, engaging organization?

Rick and Karen DeShon, both PhDs, developed Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™ and ToolKits drawing from decades of experience. We’ve practiced organizational psychology in a wide range of organizations. We have extensive expertise in organizational psychology theory, teaching, and research advancing the field. Coetic WorkWeek Nudges™ and ToolKits and our clients’ experiences are further enhanced by graduate-level interns excelling in top programs in the field and bringing forward the latest perspectives and thinking. Additional behind-the-scenes team members watch application statistics to understand customer experiences and gather customer input to guide Coetic Dashboard development.


We spark insights. We illuminate opportunities. We connect people with shared ideas, beliefs, and values that foster leadership and success. We help you develop a great people strategy.


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The Coetic Difference

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We energize organizations to be great places to do meaningful work together. Our Strategic HR ToolKits make strong people practices smooth and effective.

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