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Communicate Effectively: Leadership Insights Index

Communicate Effectively report

With this assessment, you'll learn how well you demonstrate the key ingredients for sharing and distilling messages to support alignment and collaboration, and to inspire people to pursue organizational goals.

Along with your scores, you'll find inspiration to develop the leadership competencies, styles, and blind spot self-awareness needed to “communicate effectively.”

What outcomes does Coetic's Communicarte Effectively Index equip leaders to achieve?

  • Increase impact in meetings and other communications
  • Develop ability to inspire and persuade others
  • Foster effective and transparent communication across the team
  • Ensure that all team members' voices are heard
  • Use communication to consistently reinforce values and culture


What's Included

Expert Review of Your Assessment

Within three business days of completing your assessment, you'll receive your results. Automatic scoring happens right away, and then a Coetic leadership expert reviews your open-ended responses to detect what algorithms can't.

It's our pleasure to get to know you personally through the responses you share.

Your In-Depth Report

Learn how your leadership beliefs around building high-performing teams connect to leadership competencies, styles, and blind spots, and how your strengths and gaps predict success in this key leadership task.

What will your results confirm? What will surprise you? What discoveries will energize your leadership journey?

Resources to Support Action

To help you get the most out of your investment, we provide Action Starters and a Leader Journey Guide to accelerate your next moves. We've all taken assessments that provide an “a-ha” that very quickly fades as we turn attention to other priorities.

If you're committed to expanding your leadership competencies and styles, or growing self-awareness of blind spots, we're ready with the best evidence-backed goal striving practices to keep you moving forward.

Also Available

A Partner to Convert Insights to Action

We invite you to tap Coetic's leadership experts for action coaching and consulting services. Coetic's team can work with you or your leadership team to leverage your assessment insights to achieve specific strategy leadership outcomes.

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