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Choose comprehensive or targeted measures to advance your leaders and teams with Coetic Insights Assessments.

Choice 1 —
Targeted or Comprehensive

Targeted: Choose your leadership outcome

Use targeted assessments when you want to maximize your impact for a particular leadership outcome. Our targeted assessments provide focused feedback on the competencies, styles, and blind spots that matter most for that outcome.

Build High-Performing Teams

Develop Team Members

Collaborate and Partner

Communicate Effectively

Set Strategy

Shape and Share Knowledge

Gather Resources

Execute Strategy

Assess Effectiveness

Comprehensive: Leadership Insights Assessment

Report cover for Leadership Insights Assessment

Coetic’s Leadership Insights Assessment includes all 9 leadership outcomes plus a section focusing on leadership self-development.

The full Coetic Leadership Insights Assessment measures evidence-validated competencies, leadership styles, and self-awareness that predict leadership effectiveness.

Use this assessment when you want a holistic view of predictors of leadership success across a range of leadership tasks.

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Choice 2 —
Activate Strategic Next Moves with Coaching / Consulting

Leadership assessments add value through the action they spark

Some leaders are ready to go it alone. If that's you, your Leadership Insights Report will provide plenty of Action Starter ideas and Next Moves prompts for you to run with.

Some leaders have (or find) an established coaching or mentoring relationship. We encourage you to share your assessment results to further fuel that partnership for your continued leadership growth. Your coach or mentor is welcome to connect with us for questions and support.

Additionally, Coetic's leadership experts who shaped the Leadership Insights Assessments offer action coaching and consultation services for individuals and leadership teams.

Partner with Karen DeShon, PhD work psychologist, for action coaching/consulting engagements with you or your leadership team to activate specific leadership outcomes.

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