Hire Great People

How do you hire great people? Here’s what the research says…

Updated 10/16/2017

Great hiring practices set you up for success.

Companies that use high-performance staffing practices to hire great people are more productive, profitable, and recover faster from economic recessions.

Structured interviews are way more effective than unstructured.

If you aren’t using a structured interview, then your interview process is a waste of time and effort. Even your most experienced hiring managers can’t distinguish between high and low potential team members using unstructured interviews.

An interview with Logan Loomis about why structured interviews matter so that we can look beneath our instant like/dislike biases into performance eligibility and suitability:

There are several solid predictors of job performance.

Use well developed assessments to identify the best candidates and hire great people. The best predictors of job performance are:

Hiring is a two-way street. Put your best foot forward.

The best candidates are carefully evaluating you and your company at the same time that you’re judging their suitability. Poor hiring practices result in negative impressions and decrease your ability to attract the best talent.

Before you can hire great people, they have to apply!

The size of your pool of qualified applicants is a critical factor in hiring effectiveness.

Describe the job clearly and don’t gloss over realities.

Accurate job descriptions and realistic job previews can substantially decrease turnover. Hire great people who understand the job you are offering and are truly passionate to excel in it.

Pre-employment drug screening is worthwhile.

For entry-level jobs, pre-employment drug testing can reduce forced separations and absenteeism by 50 to 60 percent.

Aim for star talent in your most critical roles.

Ensure that you have performance stars filling your mission critical jobs.

Beware falsified resumes!

Applicants often elaborate, embellish, and lie on their resumes. Once you’ve narrowed the pool, a quick background or reference check can screen out candidates who may end up causing a great deal of trouble if hired.

How you choose predicts when they leave.

Using high performance hiring practices not only helps you hire great people, it results in decreased turnover.

Keep your hiring practices compliant with legal requirements.

To protect your company, follow the guidelines for making hiring decisions. For assistance, consult an attorney specializing in employment law.

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