Employee Communication Virtual Whiteboard

Coetic’s Communication Whiteboard Tool is a fun way to promote employee communication and coordination within a team or across an entire organization. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 16 ways to use the tool. We look forward to hearing about the new ways you find to use our virtual Communication Whiteboard!

Employee Communication to Leadership

  1. Easy Q&A. Invite open Questions. Respond with Answers from leaders.
  2. Ask for decision input. When a decision will impact employees, find out views in advance.
  3. Gather instant feedback. See what people thought about an important event or issue. Without crafting a whole survey.

Employee Communication Broad Sharing

  1. Harvest organizational stories. Use prompts like “What have you done or seen this past week that lived out our core values?”
  2. Promote informal learning. Ask people to share a favorite app, podcast, TED talk, book, etc.
  3. Foster collegial relationships. Post a question like “What was your best moment over the summer?”
  4. Recruit for extra-role skills to fill unique needs. “Who knows how to do X?”
  5. Share mistakes/lessons in a helpful non-punitive format (e.g., blooper of the week).

Employee Communication for Celebrations

  1. Celebrate wins. Express gratitude for great achievements.
  2. Employee recognition. “What was noteworthy this week, and who did it?”

Employee Communication for Team Building

  1. Welcome new team members. Help them find commonalities within the team.
  2. Create a “systems” view of work that’s happening. Ask everyone to name the most important project they’re working on and why it’s meaningful.
  3. Share team updates with the rest of the organization.

Employee Communication for “All-Hands” Thinking

  1. Virtual suggestion box. Gather general or topic-specific ideas.
  2. Brainstorm. Quickly gather ideas for an immediate decision.
  3. Host naming contests for new initiatives or products.

Comment Below: Please share your ideas and stories about using virtual or real employee communication whiteboards – what did you experience?

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