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Strong values guide decisions, actions, and interactions that demonstrate your organization’s mettle.

Use Coetic’s Core Values Tool to strengthen shared understanding of your organization’s deepest beliefs.

Coetic Core Values Tool

How it Works

Coetic Decision Paths
Decide to focus on current values or desired values, and who will contribute
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Coetic Decision Paths
Sort the virtual core value cards
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Coetic Decision Paths
Reflect on the impact your values have on the work you do
Coetic Core Values Tool

When to Use the Core Values Sort

Use Coetic’s Core Values Sort to socialize newcomers, develop leaders, build cohesive teams, and reconnect everyone with your company’s values.

Complete, send, & save unlimited Core Values Sorts in your Free Coetic Dashboard.

See 16 Creative Uses of the Coetic Core Values Tool for more inspiration!

Why do Values Matter?

When you clearly articulate and share your organization’s values, you clarify your identity, establish a foundation for authentic culture, and engage employees in meaningful work.

Coetic Blogs on Core Values

Coetic Core Values Tool
Coetic Core Values Tool

Values Drive Success!

Alignment of individual and organizational values impacts organizational effectiveness.  Research shows that shared values relate to…

  • Stronger organizational commitment
  • Greater job and career satisfaction
  • Stronger organizational identification
  • Greater trust
  • Better communication

Values Drive Retention

People who feel their personal values match their organization’s values feel that they are a great fit for their job and their organization.

As a result, they’re less likely to seek other opportunities and leave the organization.

Learn more about the power of values for organizations and teams:

Core Values Matter: People Science Brief

Coetic Core Values Tool
Core Values are essential for enduring greatness, but it doesn’t seem to matter what those core values are. The point is not what core values you have, but that you have core values at all, that you know what they are, that you build them explicitly into the organization, and that you preserve them over time.

Jim Collins (Author of Good to Great and Built to Last)


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