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Do core values matter? Here’s what the research says…

Updated 10/15/2017

Matched values deepen fit and belonging.

When people perceive a match between their personal values and their organization’s values, they believe they are a good fit for the organization.

Bonus Fact: A meta-analysis of 45 studies* found that 13% of the variation in people’s perceptions of whether they are a good fit for their company can be attributed to values. Core values matter.

Core values matter because they inspire commitment.

When people feel a company holds strong values, they feel a stronger commitment to the organization. The link between values and commitment is strongest when values center on humanity (e.g., courtesy and cooperation) and vision (e.g., creativity and openness).

Trust and communication link to shared core values.

The perception “my values match my organization’s values” exists alongside greater trust, better communication, and stronger attraction to the organization.

Core values can’t inspire trust if you aren’t living them as an organization:

Hire for values fit and keep values salient to build a strong team.

When individual values and company values overlap, people experience: higher job satisfaction, greater career satisfaction, stronger identification with the organization, and firmer intention to remain with the organization.

Shared values inspire hard work and pitching in.

The impact of shared values goes beyond people’s attitudes towards their job and their work. Shared values also positively influence both task performance and contextual performance (i.e., extra-role behaviors like helping others and volunteering).

Core values promote punctuality.

Sharing core values matters for many choices. People who share their company’s values are more likely to arrive at work on time.

Values congruence improves health and well-being.

People with high values congruence report less work stress, less job anxiety, and lower burnout than people who don’t feel an alignment of personal and organizational values.

Values are powerful when recruiting new team members.

Perceived values congruence and perceived fit with the organization weigh strongly in job preferences of active job seekers, above and beyond the attractiveness of the job’s benefits (i.e. rewards, job security).

Think about core values as magnetic for prospective customers too:

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