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The inspiration for our Tools & ToolKits comes from many years of Strategic HR Consulting with business owners, leaders, and HR professionals.

When your needs are bigger or more complex than what we can inspire with WorkWeek Nudges™ or what you’re comfortable taking on with our “do-it-yourself” tools, we’re still here for you.

Our 5 Strategic HR Consulting specialties:


People Strategy

Great business strategy needs a great people strategy. Strategic hiring, intentional culture, and aligned engagement.


Purposeful Facilities

Your building should make your organization better. Workspace impacts the way people work and the way teams work together. Create space that advances your organization’s people strategy, culture, and performance.


Change Engagement

Change how your people experience change. Replace resistance to change with trust, passion for a new direction, and the momentum needed to push through fears and obstacles.


People Development

Prepare your future leaders and experts. Interactive workshop designs, individual and team coaching, and mentoring programs.


Custom Surveys & Metrics

Combine your goals with our passion for high-impact questions, meaningful responses, and actionable insights. We craft metrics that engage, align, and spark value-adding conversation to guide or enrich what you’re doing.

Some of the Great Organizations We've Worked With


We energize organizations to be great places to do meaningful work together. Our Strategic HR ToolKits make strong people practices smooth and effective.

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