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Use Coetic’s Communication WhiteBoard to seamlessly share ideas, questions, feedback, and suggestions within a team or across your whole organization.

communication whiteboard

How it Works

Coetic Decision Paths

Post a question, thought, or insight on the Communication WhiteBoard

Coetic Direction Arrows
Coetic Decision Paths

Share the post with specific teams or your whole organization

Coetic Direction Arrows
Coetic Decision Paths

Team members engage by posting their own thoughts, insights, and responses

communication whiteboard

When to use the Communication WhiteBoard

When it’s important to include entire teams or your whole organization in transparent communication, use Coetic’s WhiteBoard Tool. The WhiteBoard is a fun virtual graffiti platform that complements other communication channels.

Start a Free Coetic Dashboard to subscribe, then create and share WhiteBoards.

See 16 Creative Uses for the Communication WhiteBoard for inspiration!

Communication Really Matters

Can you imagine an organization with zero communication?! Open communication is critical to organizational effectiveness.

High quality communication positively impacts:

  • Trust
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Job Satisfaction

Learn evidence-based communication strategies for organizations and teams: Communication People Science Brief

communication whiteboard
communication whiteboard

Communication Goes Two Ways

Bottom-up communication (from team members to leaders) – people working in the business share needs, values, perceptions, and ideas.

Top-down communication (from leaders to team members) – leaders share goals and strategy for the business, and available resources and opportunities.

Both directions matter. Coetic’s Communication WhiteBoard makes it easy to share and be heard in both directions.

How do you Stack Up?

A recent Gallup Survey found that only 17% of employees believe their organization has open communication practices.

Most organizations know that, despite their best efforts, people want more timely, clearer communication.

Discover insights and strategies for high-quality communication in your organization: Communication Blog Posts

communication whiteboard
communication whiteboard

A Changing Workplace Requires Changing Communication Channels

Only 13% of employees report checking their company’s intranet daily, and 31% (almost a third!) report never accessing their company’s intranet.

Unlike static intranets, Coetic’s Communication WhiteBoard is simple to update with immediately relevant conversations that engage everyone.


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