Core Values Exercise

With the Coetic Core Values Tool, the options are limitless. Working to articulate core values for the first time? Looking for a fun core values exercise? Trying to assess walking the talk on core values? We’ve found this simple sort tool to be valuable in so many ways…

Coetic Core Values Tool

Use Coetic’s free Core Values Sort Tool to uncover the core values held by your team and organization.

Invite your team to complete a core values sort, then use our Insights Report to compare multiple sorts to check alignment.

Build cohesive teams, develop leaders, onboard new hires, and align together on values. You can create, invite, & save unlimited sorts. To start aligning core values, create a Free Coetic Dashboard today, then open the Core Values Sort Tool.

How it works

  1. Invite your team and/or organization
  2. Complete a Core Values Sort
  3. Use the Insights function to generate a report and measure your team’s values alignment.










Create a Free Coetic Dashboard to get started, then select the Core Values Sort Tool


16 Creative Applications

With Your Whole Organization, do a core values exercise…

  1. On a company retreat → reinforce values. Ask people to complete the core values sort in advance, and share insights during the retreat. Or ask small groups to complete a core values sort together and discuss it.
  2. Undergoing organizational change. Complete a “What values do we live?” sort, and then a “What values do we want to live?” sort.
  3. Precursor to Mission Alignment. Do we know what our organization values?
  4. When launching a new employee program. Show the key core value links.
  5. During a company training class. Make values an explicit part of learning new knowledge and skills.
  6. When starting a workspace renovation or redesign. Establish guiding principles for the physical environment.

With Leadership Teams, do a core values exercise…

  1. When thinking about expanding product or service lines, or markets. Map the core values of the new area. Discuss fit with your existing core values.
  2. As a leadership development activity. What values do you model best as a leader? When do your actions show a value is not important to you?

With Department or Project Teams, do a core values exercise…

  1. Define team core values. Compare and contrast with organization-wide values. Compare and contrast with other teams’ core values.
  2. Help a new team establish a values-centered identity. Define principles that will drive their work. Encourage conversation about customer interactions.

With Individuals, do a core values exercise…

  1. Explore how personal values relate to career development. What personal values are driving career aspirations? Are any personal values pulling in other directions?
  2. Promote alignment of personal core values with core values of your organization.
    Where is there overlap?
  3. Emphasize the importance of core values during onboarding and newcomer socialization. Show a value map and discuss core values. Identify matches between organization core values and new team member personal values.
  4. Clarify values to present during recruitment. Shape interview questions to tap core values.
  5. Use values sort to match mentor-mentee pairs. Values congruence for rapport. Values diversity for influence.
  6. Emphasize core values when coaching high performers & high potentials. Reinforce values as meaningful to model. Convey importance of the approach used not just expertise.

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