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Change work is hardest when we can’t see where we’re going.

Use Coetic’s Change Map Tool to clarify the path between what’s currently happening in your organization and your vision for the future.

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How it Works

Coetic Decision Paths

Describe events, actions, or attitudes that are currently happening

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Coetic Decision Paths

For each current item, identify your vision for the future

Coetic Direction Arrows
Coetic Decision Paths

Use the Change Map with your team to make your vision happen

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When to Use the Change Map Tool

Use Coetic’s Change Map as a strategic tool whenever you’re introducing something new, raising the bar, or shedding old habits.

Create & save unlimited Change Maps in your Free Coetic Dashboard.

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Why Use a Change Map?

Change can be hard for one person, and even harder for a whole organization.

When you clearly identify change as a journey from a current normal to an even better normal, change becomes a little easier.

Learn evidence-based strategies and considerations for change leadership in our Change Readiness, Change Vision, and Change Resistance People Science Briefs.

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Get Specific

Change means pursuing a new, better, or higher goal. Decades of goal setting research has found that defining specific action-oriented steps makes goal attainment more likely.

Coetic’s Change Map prompts your team to identify specific actions, events, and attitudes that will move you to a new place.

Think About the End Goal

Change is exciting! So exciting that leaders sometimes put a change vision in motion without recognizing the many shifts people will need to make to create success.

Coetic’s Change Map reminds your team to realize the whole picture of action, attitude, and work process adjustments that will build real change!

Coetic Change Map Alignment
Coetic Change Map Engagement

Foster Change Engagement

Use Coetic’s Change Map as an engagement tool all the way through change. Change Maps change too! Have each impacted team create its own Change Map. Refresh Change Maps to provoke dialogue about the change journey.

Use the Change Map in team meetings to generate strategies that will move you forward.

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