Change Map

Coetic’s Change Map Tool can support many high-impact actions you’ll take to lead change effectively. Trying to establish your change vision? Translating a clear change vision into team or individual goals? Here are some creative idea starters…

Use a Change Map for the Big Stuff

  1. Explain a shift in your mission, core values, or purpose
  2. Describe what your culture transformation really involves
  3. Create an action plan in response to employee survey feedback
  4. Generate stories of your organization’s past, present, and future evolution
  5. Plan a customer experience journey
  6. Support integration during a merger

Use a Change Map to Translate a Change Vision into Action

  1. Shift your team’s approach on a new project — how we handled the last one, what we want to do differently
  2. Unfreeze your team as you expand to new markets or product and service lines
  3. Help leaders identify how their role is shifting
  4. Define long-term career development aspirations
  5. In performance chats, encourage clear goal setting with change maps

Use a Change Map to Energize Habits of Working to a Vision in All Areas

  1. Find gaps in what employees know vs what they need to know, and update training resources
  2. Capture current vs desired results for your people practices (recruiting, hiring, onboarding…)
  3. Brainstorm goals for a creative project
  4. Plan a meeting or workshop — where are we starting and what is our goal when we leave the room

Comment Below: How are you using a change map or similar tools to communicate a clear change vision?

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