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Workplace Accountability: People Science Brief

When you have strong workplace accountability, you'll know it! How do you create an organization of people behaving like responsible adults, taking mutual ownership for reaching a shared destiny? Here's what the research says... Promote workplace accountability...

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The Moment a “team” Becomes a TEAM

The experience of being on a team is vastly different from the experience of being a team. If the experience of "flow" is a joyful state of performing hard tasks effortlessly, then performing hard tasks as a true team is flow on steroids [1]. The thrill of being an...

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Workplace Design Guiding Principles: People Make the Place

Once upon a time, there was an organization that needed a new place to work. They knew what they wanted: seats for ## people, productivity, image, and collaboration. On time and in budget. Time to hit the drawing board, right? Nope. Your Workplace Should Make Your...

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Workplace Fairness: People Science Brief

  What triggers perceptions of workplace fairness and unfairness? And how do fairness perceptions impact your organization? Here's what the research says... Fairness perceptions have several layers. Fairness isn’t just one thing. When people decide, consciously or...

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Workplace Design: People Science Brief

How does the physical work environment impact people? What’s important to keep in mind when changing workplace design? Here’s what the research says… More satisfied with our physical work environment = Greater overall job satisfaction. When people are satisfied with...

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4 Paths to Meaningful Work: What Every Boss Needs to Know

Some people are only in it for the money. Work is a means to fulfillment after 5pm, and jobs are basically interchangeable - with greater pay for less effort as a goal. If you’re a boss at any level, this is not the way you’re hoping people approach and value their...

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Human Resource Metrics: Lessons from Hummus Packaging

It's strange to consider, but we can learn a great deal about the importance of HR metrics by a visit to the hummus section in your local market. Let's take a look... For shoppers, the modern supermarket is a cornicopia overflowing with fresh food options shipped from...

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Build Excellent Teams: People Science Brief

How do you build excellent teams? Here's what the research says... To build excellent teams, select team members for both taskwork and teamwork skills. When putting a team together, look for team members who are high in team orientation – people who see value in...

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Improve Communication at Work Using Humble Inquiry

In a recent Gallup survey, only 17% reported that their company has open communication.[1] Employee communication is a common struggle for organizations of all sizes. Try humble inquiry to improve communication at work. Poor communication is a problem worth solving in...

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Job Satisfaction Drivers: People Science

What drives job satisfaction, and why does it matter for organizations? Here's what the research says... Job satisfaction is the positive emotional state that results from having a job that fulfills what matters to a person. The level of job satisfaction a person...

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Change Resistance: Fact or Fiction? Leading Change

Change Resistance, a.k.a. Resistance to “Change”   Change resistance...if only we could overcome it. Wait a sec. Have you ever bought a car? Moved to a different neighborhood? Met a new friend? Started a new job? Gotten married? Decided to have a family? Joined a gym?...

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Employee Surveys, Meaningful Metrics: People Science Brief

Employee surveys are meaningful people metrics. Ask compelling questions, gain profitable insights to drive engagement and passion for your organization and its mission. Here's the research... Updated 11/28/2017 Employee surveys can be interventions for organizational...

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Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA): People Science Brief

Should you consider Flexible Work Arrangements? Here's what the research says... Updated 11/12/2017 Know what you mean by flexible work arrangements. Flexible work arrangements are mutually beneficial agreements between organizations and people that describe when and...

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Meaningful Work with Martin Luther King, Jr.

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The American Civil Rights movement is a powerful example of people doing meaningful work with the guidance of a transformational leader. Psychological theory helps...

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Being Accountable for Accountability at Work

Since Babylonian times, rolling in another new year has prompted a goal-setting spree. It’s not quite as clear how far back we can trace our cynical certainty that many new year’s resolutions will turn out to be utter flops and failures. Our relationship with goals is...

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Setting Goals Like You Mean It: Performance Impact

  Setting goals is part of daily life. You might set health goals (i.e. “I will go to the gym later”), work goals (i.e. “I will be promoted by this time next year”), or personal goals (i.e. “I will travel more”). Despite daily practice with small goals and regular...

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Writing Your Mission on Hearts & Minds, Not Just Walls

Writing mission statements - one of your favorite activities, right? Something you wish you could tackle more often, right? Most people will not race to sign up for writing mission statements. And yet, we know that a strong mission statement is a powerful, galvanizing...

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