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Professionalism: People Science Brief

Professionalism...we know it when we don't see it. Here's what the research says... Updated 10/27/2017 Colloquially, a professional is "someone who takes work seriously." Generally, people think of a professional as somebody who is a reliably good performer and who...

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Trust & Autonomy at Work: People Science Brief

In the workplace, trust and autonomy are significant factors in culture and performance. Here's what the research says... Updated 10/16/2017 Autonomy is being able to make choices that are an expression of your self. The notion of "choice" is central to autonomy, but...

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Psychological Safety: People Science Brief

It turns out the so-called "touchy-feely" soft stuff is pretty hard to get around. People working together need psychological safety to succeed. Here's what the research says... Updated 11/3/2017 Psychological Safety is the shared belief that it's safe to speak up,...

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Workplace Mentoring Relationships: People Science Brief

Workplace mentoring relationships connect people in the meaningful work of sharing implicit wisdom and accelerating growth. Here's what the research says... Updated 10/23/2017 Workplace mentoring relationships are developmental partnerships. Mentoring happens when a...

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Engagement at Work: People Science Brief

Employee engagement has been a hot topic of organizational research since 1990, with leaders and HR teams scrambling to build more of it. Here's what the research says... Updated 10/17/2017 When people are engaged, we bring our “whole selves” to work. Engagement is a...

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Job Resources for Job Demands: People Science Brief

Supply and demand applies to people doing the work too. What are the most important job resources? Here's what the research says... Updated 10/16/2017 A job resource is anything that makes you feel equipped to handle the demands of your job. Job resources are aspects...

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From Boring to Energizing: Create Work People Love to Do

People loving work. Work people love. It happens. We see it when we get the joy of working alongside someone who clearly loves what they do. We experience it when we’re a customer being served by someone who is clearly happy to help. We live it when we’re doing...

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Organizational Communication: People Science Brief

Pick an unfamiliar organization, guess its top challenge. For good odds, guess organizational communication. What to do? Here's what the research says... Updated 10/20/2017 Think like an organizational scientist -- Communication occurs in many layers. Organizational...

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Reinforcing Core Values with Stories: Co-Author Epic Tales

  "What stories get told and retold in your organization?" This is a great question to surface core values. Any values-driven organization will have several stories -- each reinforcing core values. Some stories may date far back in the organization's history; these...

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Shared Core Values: Their Power & How to Get There

Does your organization have shared core values? No, not the stated values that may be written on a website, posted on walls, and recited to new hires. Well, maybe those, but only if the stated principles truly permeate the organization’s identity, define culture,...

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Workplace Accountability: People Science Brief

When you have strong workplace accountability, you'll know it! How do you create an organization of people behaving like responsible adults, taking mutual ownership for reaching a shared destiny? Here's what the research says...     Updated 10/20/2017   Promote...

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The Moment a “team” Becomes a TEAM

The experience of being on a team is vastly different from the experience of being a team. If the experience of "flow" is a joyful state of performing hard tasks effortlessly, then performing hard tasks as a true team is flow on steroids [1]. The thrill of being an...

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